Papama Mtwisha

Africa Your time is now


The Africa Your Time Is Now™ movement was launched by Papama Mtwisha in 2017.
It was launched with a single aim which is to open our eyes to our limitless potential as AfriCANs.
As a movement, we strongly believe that our thoughts, words and actions ignite waves of energy throughout the universe, which result in desirable or undesirable manifestations. This is why our good thoughts, words, emotions, and actions are important for a better continent and ultimately a better world.
How we feel about ourselves is the seed we plant in our lives. We always need to ensure that we plant good seeds by thinking good thoughts about ourselves, on a personal and continental level.
In wearing an Africa Your Time is Now t-shirt one becomes a breathing billboard sending a positive vibration. You convey a powerful message of inspiration that positively reaffirms and sends a bold reminder of the power that Africa and Africans possess.