Mary Jean Treloar

Mary Jean Jewelry


MARY JEAN is a South African brand of fine, handmade jewelry inspired by the beauty and simplicity of the bold, geometric patterns and meaningful symbols found throughout – and unique to – the African continent. With our studio based in Johannesburg, each and every meticulously created, and thoughtfully researched MARY JEAN piece is concept-driven. Each collection is the culmination of curiosity and craft, a collaboration of simplicity and symbolism, and a study in rich compositions that inform delicate design. If work is love made visible then MARY JEAN is love for mixed metals and African-sourced gemstones made wearable. Strong lines and bold geometry meet meticulous fabrication, making each piece equal parts effortless and exquisite, as understated for everyday as ‘statement’ for a special occasion. Each piece is a story, a nod to this continent and the tales its symbols tell. It’s about more than shapes and angles and materials, it’s about attention to detail, respect for a narrative and creating timeless pieces that merge style with substance.