The Narativ Pop-Up



The Narativ Pop-Up is a bi-monthly Pop-Up that is ideal for brands who have launched and are interested in enhancing their brand visibility and sales through the support of our concept store.

How it Works:

• The Narativ will serve as your Retail Concept Store, Showroom, and Support during your pop-up.

• Each Brand will receive rack, table, shelf, or wall space to display their products within our retail concept store.

• In-Store staff will handle your sales so you are not required to work at the store.


The Narativ | 385 Tompkins Ave | Brooklyn, NY, 11216


• Pop-Up is for a 2 month initial contract with an option to renew for another 2 month commitment.

Pop-Up Launch Event:

• The Narativ will handle your in-store pop-up launch event on your chosen date.

• The Narativ will coordinate invites, guests, advertising, & marketing for your pop-up launch event.

• The Narativ will provide complimentary wine for your guests during your pop-up launch event.

Advertising & Marketing:

• The Narativ will advertise your brand via our social media networks.

• The Narativ will create email marketing campaigns promoting your brand to our customers.


• Our Retail Concept Store/Showroom is available to you for meetings with buyers, clients, stylists, collaborators during non-business hours.

• You will also have access to our design community where you will connect with other designers/artists/creatives for collaborations and brainstorming sessions.

How to Submit Work:

Interested in joining us? Submit an application below.

Deadline to Submit Work:

• Jan 15-March 15 Pop-Up deadline is Jan 10th.

• Feb 1-April 1 Pop-Up deadline is Jan 25th.

• To arrange a store visit please email us at

• We encourage brands interested in joining us to apply quickly as space is limited and slots fill up quickly.

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Pop-Up is for a 2 month initial contract with an option to renew for another 2 month commitment should both The Narativ and brand agree. Pop-Up Cost payments can be made monthly.
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The Narativ has business insurance that covers damages to property & merchandise by fire, building damages, and merchandise under The Narativ label due to theft only. If your product line is of significantly high value we suggest obtaining pop-up event insurance. Pop-Up event insurance is optional. We can assist in connecting you with an insurance company should you be interested.
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By clicking Agreed and Accepted, Brand acknowledges that s/he has read the Pop-Up Information listed above which includes: How it works, Location, Timeline, Pop-Up Launch Event, Advertising & Marketing, Access, Shipping & Delivery, Pop-Up Cost, Payouts, & Additional Consulting.